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MeteorJS is an innovative, JavaScript-based open-source platform that is employed to build real-time web applications. It debuted in 2012 and has since grown to be a well-known development platform among web developers. It has been compared to other popular frameworks such as Angular and React, and it is used to create single-page applications, mobile apps, and interactive webpages. But, who is the driving force behind this popular development platform?

MeteorJS is owned and operated by the Meteor Development Group (MDG). This is an independent organization that is focused on the growth and upkeep of MeteorJS. The MDG is responsible for the development of the MeteorJS framework, and it also provides assistance to developers who use the platform. The MDG offers services including hosting, consulting, training, and support for the development of MeteorJS applications.

MeteorJS was founded by three software engineers, Geoff Schmidt, Matt DeBergalis, and Nick Martin. Geoff Schmidt and Matt DeBergalis are the original creators of MeteorJS, while Nick Martin is the co-founder and current CEO of the Meteor Development Group. All three have a considerable history in the software development industry and have been involved with the development of MeteorJS since its launch in 2012.

MeteorJS has been funded by several investors including Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, and SV Angel. These investors have supplied funds to assist in furthering the development of MeteorJS, and they have been vital in helping the platform reach its current level of success.

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In conclusion, MeteorJS is a powerful and sought-after development platform that is used to create real-time web applications. It is owned and managed by the Meteor Development Group, which is an independent organization devoted to the development and maintenance of MeteorJS. It was established by Geoff Schmidt, Matt DeBergalis, and Nick Martin, and it has been funded by a number of investors. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the MDG and its investors, MeteorJS has become a popular platform among developers and is continuing to gain in popularity.

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