Is MeteorJS open-source?

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Is MeteorJS Open Source?

MeteorJS is an open source JavaScript framework used to create interactive web and mobile applications. It is designed to be simple, fast and secure. But is MeteorJS truly open source?

The answer is yes. MeteorJS is released under the MIT license, which is an open source license. This means that anyone can use, modify, and distribute the source code as long as they keep the copyright and license in place. This makes it easy for developers to get started with MeteorJS and contribute to the project.

The MIT license also allows developers to use MeteorJS for commercial purposes. This means that developers can create and sell applications built on MeteorJS without any restrictions. This is great news for businesses as it allows them to quickly and easily create applications without having to worry about licensing issues.

MeteorJS is also open source in the sense that the code is open to public scrutiny. Anyone can look at the source code and make suggestions or report bugs. This can help to ensure that the code is secure and stable, as well as giving developers the ability to create their own

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