Does Meteor use Websockets?

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Websockets are a relatively new technology that allow for faster and more efficient communication between a web browser and a server. They are often used for real-time applications such as chat, gaming, and live streaming. But does Meteor, the open-source, full-stack JavaScript framework for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications, make use of websockets? The answer is yes.

Meteor was one of the first web frameworks to incorporate websockets into its core. This technology is used to create a continuous connection between the client and the server, allowing for data to be sent and received in real-time. Websockets are also an efficient way for Meteor to send and receive data, which can help optimize performance for web, mobile, and desktop applications. Additionally, they provide an encrypted connection between the client and the server, increasing security for the data that is being sent and received.

In conclusion, Meteor does use websockets to provide real-time communication, optimize performance, and increase security. This makes it a great choice for web, mobile, and desktop applications that require these features.

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