Is Svelte actually faster than React?

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In recent years, JavaScript frameworks have become increasingly popular among developers. Two of the most prominent frameworks are React and Svelte, both of which are used to construct user interfaces and have sizable developer communities. What makes Svelte stand apart from React is its approach to speed. Many people have been wondering if Svelte is actually faster than React.

To answer this question, it’s essential to comprehend the discrepancies between the two frameworks. React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook and is used for building user interfaces. It is based on the notion of a virtual DOM (Document Object Model). This permits developers to create interactive user interfaces without having to write code for each element on the page. React also uses a library of components that can be reused and shared across various projects.

Svelte, on the contrary, is a compiler-based framework. This implies that it takes code written in a high-level language and compiles it into optimized JavaScript code. This optimization makes Svelte code littler and faster than React code. Additionally, Svelte has fewer dependencies than React, making it simpler to maintain and update.


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