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When it comes to selecting a framework for front-end development for web applications, two of the most popular choices are React and Angular. Both of these frameworks offer powerful components and features for creating robust applications. A key factor when deciding on a framework is performance, so which one is faster – React or Angular?

React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook and released as an open-source project in 2013. It allows developers to create user interfaces and single-page applications with a set of reusable components. React mainly focuses on the “view” layer, so it is usually referred to as a view library. React is highly efficient due to its virtual DOM implementation, which provides a fast and responsive user experience. The virtual DOM is a representation of the actual DOM, stored in-memory, thus allowing React to update only parts of the DOM tree instead of re-rendering the entire app each time a change is made.

Angular is a full-featured framework developed by Google in 2016. It is based on TypeScript and provides developers with all the tools and components required for creating dynamic and powerful web apps. Unlike React, which focuses on the view layer

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