Is Vue a full stack framework?

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Vue has quickly become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. It has earned praise for its comprehensive documentation, ease of use, and flexibility. But is it a full stack framework?

In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and look at the pros and cons of Vue, with a focus on its capabilities as a full stack framework.

What is a Full Stack Framework?

A full stack framework is a software development tool that provides both the front-end and back-end code for web applications. The framework typically contains tools for designing and building the UI, as well as for managing the server-side logic.

The main advantage of a full stack framework is that it reduces the time and effort needed to develop a web application. By using a single framework, developers can create a complete application without having to switch between different technologies.

Is Vue a Full Stack Framework?

Vue is not a full stack framework. It is a library that is

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