Is React harder to learn than JS?

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React is a popular JavaScript library that allows developers to create user interfaces quickly and efficiently. It’s used by many leading companies and is becoming increasingly popular among developers who are looking for a powerful and efficient way to create web applications. But, is React harder to learn than JavaScript?

The short answer to this question is no. React is not harder to learn than JavaScript, but it does require a different approach to coding. React is based on components, which are small pieces of code that can be reused and combined to create complex user interfaces. This means that React requires a different way of thinking about coding than traditional JavaScript.

React also requires a deeper understanding of JavaScript than traditional JavaScript. React uses the latest features of JavaScript, such as ES6, to create components. This means that developers need to have a better understanding of the language in order to effectively use React.

In addition, React requires developers to think differently about how they structure their code. Traditional JavaScript is often written in a linear way, but React requires developers to break down their code into smaller components. This requires developers to think about how their components interact

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