Is Facebook made in React?

Is Facebook Made in React?

Facebook has become a major part of our lives, and it’s easy to wonder what technology powers this social media powerhouse. While the answer can be complicated, the short answer is yes – Facebook is made in React. React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook and Instagram that is used to create user interfaces for web applications.

What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript library created by Facebook and Instagram in 2013. It is used to build user interfaces for web applications. React is built around the concept of components, which are pieces of reusable code that can be combined to create larger user interfaces. React is designed to make developing user interfaces faster and easier, and it is used by many major companies, such as Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix.

Why Is React Used By Facebook?

React is used by Facebook for several reasons. First, it’s easy to learn and use, making it ideal for a development team with limited resources or a short timeline. Second, it

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