What is polymer js used for?

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<p>Polymer JS is a JavaScript library used to create web components. Developed by the engineers at Google and released in 2013, it is an open-source project that allows developers to create custom HTML elements, custom attributes, and other components that can be reused across multiple websites and applications.</p>
<p>Benefits of Polymer JS include its lightweight and easy-to-use nature, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently create web components. It is also extensible, meaning it can be easily integrated with other libraries, such as jQuery and Angular. Additionally, Polymer JS is designed to be cross-browser compatible, meaning it can be used in many different browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It is also fast, allowing developers to quickly create complex web components, and secure, with built-in security measures that protect against malicious attacks.</p>
<p>Polymer JS can be used to create web components such as custom HTML elements, custom attributes, and other components. It can also be used to create data-driven web applications, which rely on data from external sources, and Single-Page

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