What should I learn before starting with React.JS?

Essential Knowledge for React.JS

Before starting with React.js, there are some essential topics that developers should understand. Firstly, HTML and JavaScript are foundational requirements for working with any web technology. React.js is a JavaScript library and an understanding of how to read and write HTML and JavaScript is essential.

Understanding the Component-Based Architecture

React is based on a component-based architecture. Components are reusable pieces of code, which makes for more efficient development and greater functionalities. Understanding how components work together is key to in deepening one’s ability to develop with React. Components modify, pass and render data from an application’s existing code base to interact with the user. Components control how components interact with each other, and how changes made in one component will update throughout the application.

Grasping JSX

JSX is an HTML-like syntax used in React for describing the user interface (UI). Rather than writing JavaScript to create HTML elements, developers may utilize JSX to write more concise code. Because React is component-based, understanding how to effectively utilize JSX is incredibly important for working with React. It allows developers to create dependencies between components and create a smooth UI.
Finally, developers looking to work with React should be familiar with how React manages data. React’s data is stored in the state object, and developers must understand how React updates and renders data in order to utilize it most effectively. There are several methods in React for updating the state of a component in response to user input or other events. Being aware of these methods can help developers make their React-based application not only functional, but responsive and workable.

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