Can I use ExpressJS without NodeJS?

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ExpressJS is a popular web application framework used to create web servers, APIs, and websites. It is built on top of the Node.js runtime and is written in JavaScript. The question then arises, “Can I use ExpressJS without NodeJS?” The answer is no, you cannot use ExpressJS without NodeJS.

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source runtime environment used for building server-side applications. It is based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine and is built on top of the JavaScript Runtime (V8). ExpressJS is an extension of Node.js and cannot be used without it.

What is ExpressJS? ExpressJS is a fast, lightweight, and minimalist web application framework for Node.js. It is designed to create web applications, APIs, and websites with minimal effort. ExpressJS is built on top of the Node.js runtime and uses JavaScript and the V8 engine to execute code. It provides developers with a suite of tools and an ecosystem of plugins and middleware to help them quickly and easily build web applications.

ExpressJS is a popular choice for web development as it is

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