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Ember is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by the Ember Core Team. It is used for creating web applications that are highly interactive and feature-rich. But is Ember a backend?

The answer is both yes and no. Ember is primarily a frontend development framework. It is used for developing the user interface and making the application visually appealing and interactive. However, Ember does have some features that allow it to interact with the backend.

Ember uses a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. This architecture allows the application to separate the presentation layer (the view) from the data layer (the model). The controller acts as a bridge between the two layers and allows them to communicate with each other. This makes it possible to use Ember to interact with the backend.

In the MVC architecture, the model is responsible for managing and storing data. Ember provides a library called Ember Data that can be used to interact with a backend database. Ember Data provides a set of tools that make it easy to write queries and interact with different databases. This makes it possible to use Ember to create applications with a backend.

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