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Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based framework for developing responsive websites and web applications. It has become one of the most widely used frameworks for web development, and is used by millions of developers around the world. But what makes Bootstrap so popular?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework, meaning it is free to use and modify. This makes it a cost effective option for developers, as it allows them to quickly build and deploy websites with the code already written.

It is also incredibly easy to learn, and users can quickly become familiar with the framework and begin creating websites. Bootstrap offers a wide range of options and features, making it suitable for any type of project. Additionally, it is highly customizable and well-documented, making it easy to understand and use.

The Bootstrap community of developers is also a great resource, with new updates, features, and tools regularly being released. It is also supported by most major web browsers and devices, making it a great choice for creating websites that can be accessed from anywhere.

In conclusion, Bootstrap is a popular framework for developing websites and web applications. It is open source, easy to learn and use, highly customizable, well-documented, and supported by a large community of developers. These factors contribute to its popularity and make Bootstrap an attractive choice for developers of all levels.

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