Watch This Notch Livestreams The Coding Of 0X10C

Watch This Notch Livestreams The Coding Of 0X10C. Notch's livestreams have hours of 0x10c. Notch's ambitious 0x10c concepts detailed.

Watch this Notch livestreams the coding of '0x10c' The from

0x10c (ten to the c power) is a. Anyway, the screenshots of midwinter reminded me a lot of the '92 ocean title epic. A game that takes place in a universe on the brink of extinction is now itself going extinct.

Think Notch Needs Coding Any Help?

I'm not looking at him code, but hearing his techno going is reminding me that someone somewhere is getting a ton of shit done, and it's shaming me into working hard. Press j to jump to the feed. This morning's live stream of notch coding part of the shape editing engine for 0x10c included a very brief moment where he typed out his pronounciation of 0x10c on the screen.

“We Could Just Do Prototypes And See What Sticks” It’s Tempting To Say That Mojang’s Fans Are Working On.

Think notch needs coding any help? Herobrine might just be the number one fan of notch's 0x10 c game. 3.9m members in the programming community.

Via Twitter Some Clown Has Written Down Code From When I Streamed 0X10C Development, And Is Threatening To Release It Before Me.

Feel free to engage in rampant speculation, discuss new reveals, and. Notch ends 0x10c development, but fans are on the case. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

This Is The Official Subreddit For 0X10^C.

I'm actually being really productive having the stream on in the background. This is the official subreddit for 0x10^c. Anyway, the screenshots of midwinter reminded me a lot of the '92 ocean title epic.

Notch Live Coding 0X10C ( 222 Points By Xuki On Apr 7, 2012 | Hide.

This is a first look at the multiplayer of mojang's new 0x10c game developed by notch. Qr code on notch's avatar. I'm the video guy and would love if you'd watch the things i do.

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