Thors Hero Shrew New Species Incredible Spine Strength

Thors Hero Shrew New Species Incredible Spine Strength. Latest thor’s hero shrew stories. The hero shrew is not a new discovery, as they were first found in 1910 in equatorial africa, according to.

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Common name of ‘hero shrew’ [6]. Scutisorex somereni, also known the armored. Thor's hero shrew has a smaller skull and fewer lower vertebrae—eight instead of ten or eleven—than its sister species.

Rest Assured, The Species Also Got A More Official Name, I.e.

The new species found represents a possible intermediate between the original hero shrew and other shrews, since it possess an interlocking spine but with fewer lower vertebrae. Hero shrew new species named for hsu collections manager. The hero shrew is not a new discovery, as they were first found in 1910 in equatorial africa, according to.

The New Species Described In This Study Represents A Possible Intermediate Between The Original Hero Shrew And Other Shrews, Since Is Possesses An.

Stanley and his colleagues offer a hypothesis as to why the shrew developed its strong spine in the first place. The miniature hero shrew was discovered by scientists at. A new species of shrew has been found in africa, and it has the mightiest, most extraordinary backbone of all the mammals.

Hence The Fact That It Was Named Thor's Hero Shrew, After The Norse God Of Strength.

Scientists first described the hero shrew, nicknamed for its extraordinary strength, over a century ago. Hero shrews have one of the most bizarre spines—and we don’t know why. The spine of this diminutive mammal, called thor's hero shrew, has an unusual morphology that had previously been found only in one other species.

Thor's Hero Shrew Was First Described In Biology Letters By A Team Headed By Vertebrate Biologist William Stanley.

In equatorial africa is a small shrew that can bear the weight of an adult human for minutes at a time, and. In norse mythology, thor is the god of strength. The vertebrae have fewer bony offshoots, and the animal's ribs are flatter and more robust.

Today In Biology Letters, They Introduce Thor's Hero Shrew (S.

Invoking thor, the norse god of strength. The epithet also invokes thor, the god of strength in norse mythology. Like the hero shrew, it has an extremely strong back—roughly four times stronger than a human's, adjusted for size.

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