Sony Notch Ps4 Event Vip Invite Golden Psone

Sony Notch Ps4 Event Vip Invite Golden Psone. “got a vip invitation to an e3 event from sony in the form of a. 5.1m members in the ps4 community.

Notch's Golden PS1 Is Really, Really Pretty from

Minecraft creator markus notch persson has received an elaborate vip invite to sony's playstation 4 press event at e3: Markus notch persson, the creator of minecraft, has received a rather classy vip invitation to sony's e3 press conference: The psone was sent to persson as a vip invitation to a sony event at e3.

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Sony has an interesting way of inviting developers to their e3 events. 30.5m members in the gaming community. Getting notch interested in playstation could lead to huge franchises hitting ps platforms.

This Is Definately A Shadow War Sony Is Waging And Dare I Say It But Sony Wants The Console Market Back And I Think They're Maybe Gonig To Do It With This Sort Of Bravado.

Sony sends out e3 vip invites to developers in the form of golden psone consoles so far, notch (mojang) and nathan vella (capybara games) have gotten one. Sony has sent minecraft developer markus 'notch' persson a golden psone as vip invitation to an e3 event. For playstation vita on the playstation vita, a gamefaqs message board topic titled sony bribes minecraft creator with golden psone.

Notch Received A Golden Psone Console Along With A Copy Of Dungeon Master 2 And The Invite To The Company's Ps4 Event.

Minecraft creator markus notch persson has received an elaborate vip invite to sony's playstation 4 press event at e3: Well if he can't find any cables, at least he can put it on a pedestal like a golden statue. The largest playstation 4 community on the internet.

Minecraft Creator Markus Notch Persson Took To Twitter To Show Off His Vip Invite To Sony's Upcoming E3 Presser.

Something also happens when you press the power button. Sony taking it up a notch :b kitty does not approve. Markus 'notch' persson, the mojang founder responsible for minecraft, has been gifted a very special vip e3 invite by sony.

Despite This, Notch And Microsoft Aren't Exactly Best Buds:

Well it seems sony has the high ground this time, but i wouldn't finalize any bets juusstt yet, if their reveal at e3 goes bad that might cause some shifting opinions. Minecraft creator markus persson, as posted on twitter, was sent. They also sent him an original copy of dungeon master 2 they had lying around.

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