Sennheisers New Orpheus Headphones Will Cost You 55000

Sennheisers New Orpheus Headphones Will Cost You 55000. The electrostatic device cost $16000 and had a limited run of just 300 units. $55,000 or is it euros gets you a modern version of the koss esp6.

New Sennheiser Orpheus headphones cost about 55,000 from

If you’re wondering what kind of headphones would cost you $55,000, we’d like you to meet the sennheiser orpheus. Tagged as the world’s best headphones at that time, the electrostatic headphone came with a valve amplifier. The electrostatic device cost $16000 and had a limited run of just 300 units.

Sennheiser Has Announced A Headphone Developed For Their 70Th Birthday That Has A Msrp Of $55,000 (€50,000).

The sennheiser orpheus headphones are being revamped, and will cost about $55,000. Although for that price you do get a separate headphone amplifier that is equipped with eight vacuum tubes that are. New sennheiser orpheus headphones unveiled for an eye watering $55,000.

As Such, The Price For These New Cans Is Pegged At $55,000 (Probably £40,000 Or More In The Uk).

The headset is called “orpheus” and. The new hardware’s 20 years in the making. For the uninitiated, the original orpheus he90 headphones were the result of a sennheiser r&d mission in the '90s to build the best headphones ever made.

We’ve Always Known Sennheiser To Make Headphones With A High Level Of Quality That’s Mirrored By An Expensive Price Tag.

Search the couch cushions, because sennheiser has revealed their magnum opus of headphones, called the orpheus. They better be the best, because a pair of these headphones will run you some $55,000 dollars. Sennheiser introduced the first orpheus in 1991, limiting it to 300 units and pricing it at a mighty $16,000.

You'd Be Lucky To Find A Set For.

Sennheiser has recently launched a new pair of headphones, the orpheus headphones, and they’re being touted as the “best” in the world. This is what $55,000 headphones look like. This is essentially a reincarnation of the original orpheus headphones that was released in the 90s.

If You're Tired Of Those Apple Earpods, I Have A Treat For You.

When it comes to the very particular world of audiophile headphones, few names raise as many pulses as sennheiser's orpheus he90. The verge's micah singleton writes: Sennheiser's built probably the world's best headphones—but they cost $55,000.

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