Nebia Shower Head Water Saving Tim Cook Apple

Nebia Shower Head Water Saving Tim Cook Apple. Nebia, a shower head start. Cook, the chief executive of apple.

Tim Cookbacked shower startup Nebia shows off a warmer from

It’s a promise that’s even attracted investment from some of the biggest names in silicon valley (apple’s tim cook, for example). January 21, 2020, 2:00 am pst. Backers include apple ceo tim cook and fitbit ceo james park.

Tim Cook Backs Water Saving Sh.

Cook has so much faith in the product, he even had the new shower heads installed in the corporate campus bathrooms in cupertino.the nebia shower head features a unique design with specialized nozzles to transform water into. Problem is, it cost hundreds of dollars, making it out of reach for. In addition to courting cook as an investor, nebia's shower heads have also been installed at apple's corporate campus in cupertino, calif.

A Bloomberg Report Has Revealed How Apple.

Its first investors, most of whom have showered with the product, include timothy d. Cook, the chief executive of apple. Tim cook rarely invests his time and money in products without the apple inc.

It’s A Promise That’s Even Attracted Investment From Some Of The Biggest Names In Silicon Valley (Apple’s Tim Cook, For Example).

A bloomberg interview with creator philip winter has revealed cook was drawn to the environmental aspect of the shower, which uses 45% less water. In addition, nebia has received funding from michael. Rather than pushing out large water droplets like a standard shower head, the nebia shower atomizes the water into tiny droplets.

According To The New York Times, Apple’s Ceo Accepted The Intimate Sales Pitch Of The Startup, Which Invites Investors To Take A Shower, And He Was Impressed By The Product.also, The Startup Has Tested Prototypes Of Its Shower Heard On The Campuses Of Apple, Google, And Stanford University.

Made in collaboration with moen, the nebia by moen showerhead provides double the coverage of a standard showerhead while saving 45 percent more water, according to the brand. A san francisco startup named nebia grabbed headlines for making a showerhead that won over fans including apple ceo tim cook. As with most economically infeasible green products this is just a feel good product for those able to waste money.

Kind Of Like Buying A Prius And Being The Fastest Speeder On The Highway.

But when he tried a prototype shower head at his local gym about five years ago. The shower’s price now starts at $199. Shop showers crafted from materials including aluminum, the system looks like something apple might design, if it made bathroom hardware.

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