Bioshock Infinite Comes To Disney Infinity With New Dlc

Bioshock Infinite Comes To Disney Infinity With New Dlc. Booker and anna gets to be together as a. See the trailer to get a glimpse of the action.

'Bioshock Infinite's Columbia comes to 'Disney Infinity from

Disney infinity has a new video available showing off a bioshock infinite level of its toy box. Burial at sea is a dlc pack for bioshock infinite.split into two episodes, burial at sea explores rapture on the eve of the underwater city's fall from grace through the eyes of booker dewitt in the first episode, and as elizabeth in the second. Booker and anna gets to be together as a.

Booker And Anna, However, Exists In Several Universes Where Booker Didn't Take The Baptism.

Preorder for ' and beyond' day 1 dlc that includes new weapon skins! Well that's good because i've already completed bioshock 1 and 2 sometime ago. Disney infinity dlc adds bioshock infinite's columbia, more themed levels to toy box.

The Pass Is Available For $19.99/1600 Microsoft Points In The United.

Called toy columbia, it's part of the latest. You must complete both bioshock and b:infinite before playing the burial at sea. Toy columbia has touched down in disney infinity's toy box mode, and trust us when we say it's a sight to behold.

Booker And Anna Gets To Be Together As A.

Bioshock infinite’s columbia comes to disney infinity with new dlc. Infinite has a happy ending. The new worlds are inspired by.

In February 2013, 2K Games Announced That A Season Pass Would Be Offered For Bioshock Infinite Downloadable Content (Dlc).

Disney infinity is set to get a toy box level themed around bioshock infinite as part of new free dlc bundle. Bioshock infinite toy columbia level comes to disney infinity. The toy columbia stage, which you can check out below, joins four other toy box levels based off familiar franchises such as tron and jungle cruise.

Disney Infinity Gets Bioshock Infinite's Columbia, More Themed Levels To Toy Box (Update) New, 18 Comments.

Dlc are the separate complete game which takes part between bioshock infinite and bioshock and explains the connection between columbia and rapture. Clash in the clouds jul 30, 2013. For the achievement/trophy with the same name, see burial at sea (achievement/trophy).

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