Bank Of Canada Konami Code New 10 Bank Note

Bank Of Canada Konami Code New 10 Bank Note. The konami code, as wikipedia explains, is a cheat that first appeared in 1986 and has turned up in dozens of games since. Canada's new $10 bill has a special feature — and only the konami code can unlock it to celebrate the release of the new $10 bill, the bank of canada hid a.

Famous ‘Konami Code’ unlocks secret in Bank of Canada’s from

The site, designed to show off canada’s new $10 note in all its glory, goes one step further with the konami code is input. Konami code helps debut new canadian banknote. The konami code is a cheat code that appears in many konami video games, allowing players to press a sequence of buttons on.

Enter The Iconic Sequence At.

The bank of canada's web team thought the konami code. The central bank unveiled the design for the new $10 bank note last week to celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation. The site, designed to show off canada’s new $10 note in all its glory, goes one step further with the konami code is input.

Bank Of Canada Put An Easter Egg On Its Website Announcement Of A New $10 Bill In The Form Of A Konami Code Used In Video Games Such As Contra. If Visitors To The Website Enter The Right Sequence Of Keys, The National Anthem Of Canada Plays And Tiny Animated Bills Rain Down The Screen, The Financial Post Reported.

Looks like the decision to place an easter egg on the bank of canada’s new $10 bill website is paying off, as news of the hidden ‘konami code’ has made headlines across the web. Konami code hidden inside the bank of canada's new $10 bill. One of them is the release of.

Ashevak Lived And Worked In Cape Dorset, Nunavut, The Last Territory To Join Confederation, In 1999.

The bank of canada has hid a konami code easter egg on its website celebrating their new $10 bank note. Justin tang/the canadian press) the key sequence to unlock the secret is known as the konami code because it was first included in a video game by the. The special banknote will showcase the history, land and culture of canada.

The Legendary Easter Egg, Which First Appeared In Video Games During The 1980S, Offers A Patriotic Surprise To Visitors Of A Site Promoting Canada's.

The bank of canada is preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation, and they're doing it with a brand new $10 bank note. Bank of canada announced a new $10 banknote in honor of celebrating the 150 th anniversary of confederation. Posted by 4 years ago.

Bank Of Canada Unveils New $10 Bill For Canada's 150Th Birthday

Ashevak is perhaps the best known inuit artist, whose work helped to introduce inuit art to the world. It would seem that someone at bank of canada is an old school gamer. 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the great nation of canada, and many things are being done to mark the big event.

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