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The Most Effective Marketing Technologies

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Do you have a business of your own? Then you must know that marketing is required to make the product or service gain popularity among the public to generate leads. But has the marketing field remain the same since ages? As you know, it has changed a lot. For example, in the old ages, marketing or advertising for a business used to happen by way of conversation. Then, somewhere, the idea of posters for advertising came to prominence. Five decades ago, it was the era of billboards and advertising by radio and television. And yes, there were always newspapers. But now, with the emergence of new technologies such as digital marketing and SEO, traditional ways of marketing have taken a backseat. In this article, let us discuss the most effective marketing technologies prevalent in recent times.

Recent Methods of Marketing

Instead of beating around the bush, let us focus only on the various types of marketing technologies. Shall we make a list

  • Automation
  • Social media
  • Content Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email
  • Sales Promotion

Please note, the article has been written based on the data procured from B2C and B2B firms. There are many who debate regarding the most effective marketing technology in recent times, but as a reader, we leave it to you to make the right decision. And please comment on the article.

A. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Marketing Automation

We need not ask you about automation. But marketing and automation? That looks like a weird combination, right? In short, it is a software that is related to the completion of manual tasks. And it saves time by the dozen. For example, there may be several manual tasks you may have to do in a single day such as sending emails at a specific time, post on social media at relevant times.

Case Study

You and four of your friends have a company offering doorstep repair services for mobiles in a small area in Mumbai. To make the small company more popular, you had suggested joining as a customer relations team for a popular start-up which offers online mobile service center in Mumbai(for the entire city). The job is the same. Your team goes to customer house to repair the mobile device. As for your company, you have a website and have a presence in all social media platforms. One of your friends does the additional job of posting on social media platforms as per the requirement. But sometimes, the business is more, and he could not find time to publish on some platforms as per the requirement. In such situations, you can make use of marketing automation software to post at relevant times on your website or on social media platforms. But please note, the groundwork has to be done. You need to know the best words and colors for the posts and banners. Or else you will get no engagement and leads. In all, the efforts put on marketing will turn to waste.

B. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Social Media Marketing

In recent times, advertising via social media is the recent buzzword. Businesses of all sizes, industries can reach their target audience via social media to generate revenue. But hold on! Please note, you need to know the platform where your target audience is prevalent. It is no use posting on all social media platforms. Select the one relevant to your business and make the posts attractive. Then you will see the results.

Also, follow the marketing and business rules along with humanitarian traits. You need to give an apt response if you have received complaints regarding the company service or product within 24 hours. It is mandatory to keep your loyal customers engaged with platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. A proper social media marketing plan can turn your company product or service to a brand. You can make use of Facebook ads to reach the exact audience.


Ensure you know the tools essential to create marketing videos and posts. Also, if possible, make use of Facebook ads to reach the perfect audience that has the most number of customers for your company.

Questions You Should Have An Answer Before Starting A Social Media Marketing Plan –

  • What does your company hope to achieve by marketing on social media?
  • Do you know the target audience of your brand or company?
  • In which social media platform, can you find the more of your target audience? How do they use the platform?
  • Do you know the requirements of social media platforms?
  • How are you interested to make your product or service attractive in social media? Do you plan to make videos, podcasts, and posts?

Please note, do not create posts or videos which are different from your product or service. If you are in the travel business, you need to have more visuals on the website. You can find more customers on Pinterest or Instagram. If you are a B2B company, then you can find more engagements on Linkedin or Twitter.

C. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a part of advertising, although it fetches quick revenue for the company. If you ask a marketing expert regarding sales promotion, then he/she will term it as a short time method to boost the sales of the company. Please note, unlike the other methods, sales promotion are not targeted only at customers (you), but also at the vendors and sales team members.

  • What will be the budget for the sales promotion – will the revenue generated be more than the investment?
  • Has the quality checking been done? Is the promotion in tandem with the company brand? If you have offered a discount for a product, and it gives a negative image, then the result will be long term damage.
  • Will the promotion done via social media platforms and other options make the customer buy the product or opt for the service? If the promotion ends, will the customers remain loyal to your company?

Now let us look at the sales promotion types –

  • Coupons – They are sent online or customers can get the same via newspapers. So, when they show the coupon, they can buy the product or opt for a service at a discount price.
  • Quiz/Competition – If a customer buys the product, then he/she will gain entry to attend a competition or quiz.
  • Free Gifts – You get another product free when buying one.
  • Point of Sale – Have you gone to a mall and saw the display stands to advertise for a product or service?
  • Loyalty Cards – There were the days when customers were loyal to one brand. With so much competition in every industry, almost every brand offers loyalty points for purchasing items at certain retail locations. These points can then be exchanged for purchasing goods, money or opt for other offers.

D. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Customer Relationship Management

You may have a new business or old business. But the challenge lies in getting new customers. Gaining a new customer and making him/her remain loyal to your company brand can cost more. The doubt always exists in store for an old company – is the number of customers encouraging for the company? Does the company have to shell more money in gaining new customers or are the number of old customers enough?

But the customer relationship with any brand has changed since a decade. There are so many companies struggling to sustain in the market. In recent times, customers ask for more personalization experience, and the product or items should cater to their requirement. So a company needs to remain alert 24/7. And the most important part, their customer service center should be on part with the best.

For example, you are an expert TV repair expert and your company is situated in a part of a Mumbai city. To create more business for your company, you have a partnership deal with a company which provides the best TV technicians in Mumbai for doorstep service to customers. Now for your company, you have put in place a digital marketing team. They take care of posts, banners and give answers to queries/questions in social media. You have given strict instructions that any complaint raised should resolve within 24 hours. Within a few years, your company will be on the path of success and become a force to reckon with in the field of TV repair.

E. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Content in Company Website

Are you surprised at the topic? It is true. You may advertise in all social media platforms but the customer is going to come to your website. And believe us, the content should contain the words which should solve his/her problems. No beating around the bush. Precise and exact. The articles and FAQs should be in perfect tandem with the SEO principles. And also selecting the right CMS is important. Or else, if you have selected one with fewer features, then it may do damage to your company.

Believe me, if the content in the company does not match the requirements of the customer, he/she will switch over to your competitor website. More problems on the horizon?

F. Most Effective Marketing Technologies For Your Business – Email Marketing

A lot has been said, written, debated and worked over with this marketing segment, but the fact is
It still assumes prominence. In this era of digital marketing. You have to accept the fact, that recent innovations have changed email marketing at the core. There were days when emails used to be sent to thousands of prospects, with no name, regardless of time and just a common message.

With new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, now every email sent to customer will have the name, personalized content to reach the customers. This helps in building a relationship between the prospect and the company. There are new rules set in email marketing, and we will discuss the same in the future.

By making use of automation, you have multiple options available such as

  • Send emails to new subscribers and offer them various incentives
  • Send emails regarding offers to existing customers


Have you read the article on the most effective marketing technologies for your business? Hope you have gained some valuable information. For more info, opt for subscription letter for the recent updates.

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