Home Service Website's Customer Base By Sending Welcome Emails

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How To Improve Your Home Service Website’s Customer Base By Sending Welcome Emails

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Are you among the thousands of youths who have channelized your energy to building a website and business? Then, congratulations! You seem to be one of the many youths who, instead of working for someone, have given jobs to a few persons. Going in the same vein, let us imagine a situation. You are an AC repair expert and have a company flourishing in a small area of Hyderabad. Your company operates as follows. A customer makes a booking for service via your website. Your team member will go to the concerned persons’ house and fix the problem. But you want to expand your business on a large scale. In this article, let us discuss on how to improve your home services websites’ base through welcome emails.

What Are The Other Steps You Can Do To Enlarge Your Customer Base?

Many. You always remain updated about recent technologies and business changes. You have also signed up with a company offering AC installation in Hyderabad. This start-up company also offers AC repair services in all parts of Hyderabad city. Your team works alongside their professionals to give AC maintenance services to the customers.

The next factor, you have done is to employ a digital marketing team. The team head is keen on focusing on email marketing. Email is still a top marketing method for maintaining regular contact with customers. But, we are not talking about email marketing, but generating new leads and customers in this article. Let us discuss how.

Email Marketing

Let us imagine, you have many discount offers and gift coupons lined in your website for the existing and to-be customers. Suppose, a new customer in Hyderabad has expressed interest in your website. She has opted for the subscription letter on your website. Now, your newsletter gives the customers information about discounter offers and more. And you have got this customer without spending a single rupee. Now isn’t that great? A new individual is interested to become a customer. That means she has expressed interest in your services. She may opt for AC repair in the city whenever she wants. But yes, you need to send her a perfect welcome e-mail.

Do All Companies Send Welcome Emails To A New Subscriber?

The hard-hitting fact is a big NO. Fifty percent of the businesses do not prefer sending a welcome email. So, they lost the chance to connect with prospects and convert them to loyal customers.

The other fifty percent send emails but they do not count. They forget the fact the content in the matter of the welcome email. The result they get is often in the negative as their welcome email do not spell warmth and personality.

Are you a novice to the field of marketing? Do you want to know the importance of welcome emails? Okay, here we go, to make you understand.

What is a Welcome Email?

Let us go as per the description of email marketing experts. A welcome email is often described as the first soft of friendly communication that starts between a new subscriber and your business. As already mentioned, you should send a welcome email to a customer when he/she joins the customer list. And the TAT time for sending emails? The duration is within 24 hours.

Why Are Welcome Emails Encouraged by Marketers?

For the reason, they are more effective. The customers opening this email stand at 85 percent than other advertising emails and newsletters. The content in the email can help the customer better understand your business. The trust factor will increase and you will get a loyal customer.

Your marketing team has written the best content in the welcome email. Then, chances are your future business emails get opened with ease. The reason, you have instilled trust in the minds of the customer. If the information is about a good offer or discount, the same email may get forwarded to their friends and relatives.

A welcome email should contain the below-mentioned aspects. If they are present, then you are likely to get a new customer.

1. Welcome The New Subscriber With A Good Thank You Note

Imagine, you are an entrepreneur having a home repair service business in Mumbai. Your company offers Air Conditioner repair in Pune. You are also the favorite customer service vendor of a start-up who offers AC installation in Pune. This company also offers maintenance service for the entire city. Now two interns have joined your accounts team. In your company, in the last week of the month, every department gets together for a joke event. So, you as the CEO of the company introduced the two interns to all the department personnel in the event. You introduce them in a jovial way so that they do not feel nervous.

You understood the situation, don’t you? You can apply the same concept to a new subscriber. Like the new interns mentioned above, the new subscriber wants to feel special. They may need information on the company offers.

So, you need to add a personal touch in the welcome email to make the best first impression. Inform them in the mail as to the benefits they get by opting for the subscription. Please note, chances are, if the welcome email is not good, they may unsubscribe from the mailing list. They will, next, never glance at your website.

2. Focus On the Reason

There is a specific reason, the customer has opted for your newsletter. Focus on the reason in the content of the welcome email. Inform them, your customer service team will provide the required maintenance and help whenever there is an emergency or need. Your content should touch the subconscious mind of the target and make him/her remain in the Call-of-Action mood. Then, the welcome mail has served its purpose. This is one easy method on how to improve your home repair services website customer base through welcome emails.

3. Authority

The entire world is filled with half of the human populace but rarely do you find many persons with leadership qualities. There are many businesses offering services like your company. But to sustain in the market, your company needs to prove it has the best

professionals. So, how do you make the customer trust your company? Here are the methods.

Has your company featured in an award function? Did you go through an interview on TV? Did your company feature on some reputed business newspaper list? Mention the same in the email. Then, the customer stands to gain trust in the ability of your company. Another easy technique on how to improve your home repair services website customer base via welcome emails.

4. Expectations

You need to know the pulse of your target audience to answer the title. Do you know the most common questions from your loyal customers? Check with the customer service team. Then ensure you introduce content in the welcome email on a few matters. These points will make customers fall in love with your future emails.

Please note, a welcome email does not specify only one email. In fact, it is a series of at least three emails. In the first email, you inform the content on the other two emails.

5. Social Media

You do not have to remain in contact with your subscribers or customers only through email. You can also remain in touch with them via social media platforms. You can request the new subscriber to follow on social media platforms. Provide social media buttons so that the task gets easy for them.

6. Mobile Responsive

Please note, customers prefer reading on their mobile in recent times. So, ensure that your website is mobile responsive.

How To Improve Your Home Repair Services Website Customer Base

Instead of your team member sitting and drafting the letter for your new subscriber, ensure that you automate the entire process. This will help serve the purpose with ease.

How To Send Emails With Ease

Do you have a WordPress website? Then, it is easy to set personalized email marketing campaigns with Plug-ins. We have gone through a great deal of research to find out the five.

  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter Plugin
  • Email newsletter
  • ALO EasyMail Newsletter
  • WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

Next Step

If you want to improve the customer base of your company through marketing, here is another tip for your interest. If you are developing a WordPress website, and if your business is new, ensure you install the perfect marketing theme for your website. Please find some best marketing WordPress themes below

And many more.


Did you go through the article at one stretch? We wrote the entire content in simple language so that even a novice could understand. Do you feel we have left an important point in the article? Feel free to drop a review.

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